What’s Your Share of the $3 billion dollars paid in commissions every year?

Banks, brokers and advisors are paid over $3 billion every year on existing mortgages, superannuation and insurances. Use our Quick Savings Calculator to take back Your Share.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How far back do you collect commissions?

    YourShare collects the fees and commissions generated across your financial products from the date we are registered as the broker on the account.

  • What is a trailing commission?

    Trailing commissions are yearly commissions which are paid to the body that introduced you to your financial institutions or that you nominated. Typically this is your broker, financial adviser or fund supermarket. These payments can be made even when you have gone directly to the fund manager.

  • My super fund is not on your list?

    It is likely that you are with a super fund that does not charge fees and commissions, such as an industry or corporate super fund, therefore YourShare is unable to collect these charges.

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